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san francisco. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. let's begin with a look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen >> lisa: nice and clear the fog is absent. 57 downtown. cooler in south bay, upper 40s and upper 40s around napa. it will be sunny and conditions will be mild. we're going to see high temperatures to low to mid-60s. 66 half moon bay. out toward the livermore valley, concord should hit 80. mid 70s across the bay in oakland. by the evening hours, retaining some of that heat. nice and pleasant with low 70s with 60s holding on to the shoreline. that is going to hold for the rest of the weekend. slow cooling. then pretty significant rainstorm coming our way mid-week. the giants face the tigers in game three of the world series this time in detroit. giants leading the series 2-0.
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the city is dressed in orange and black to keep spirits high. live from civic center plaza. the world series game, when the giants are in a position to clinch the series. is that how it goes? >> that is right. like you say when, if, when, the giants win game three tonight and in position to clinch the world series tomorrow night, this is where game four will be played. all giants can see it for fun. all the video that is already happening in the city. bars, restaurants, buildings district of columbia out in orange and black. giants fever here in san francisco but not just the city. if you take a quick trip down 101 you see a lot of places taking part in the action mercedes dealership. and support pablo for president.
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listen to some of the excited fans we spoke with. >> it's awesome in orange. >> it's incredible, when you look around the city. i walked down the hill and you see the skyscrapers but orange lights at the top and all the work people put in to show their pride in the giants. >> abc7 news caught up with the team yesterday morning as players, coaches boarded a bus outside 29 park. m, at&t park. they loaded up that you are luggage to the trip to sfo and on to detroit. now, the sun is coming up, you can't see but all the buildings were illuminated in orange tonight. that will be happening tonight as the city continues to celebrate. giants in the world series. >> terry: thanks very much. game starts at 5:on 07 and game
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five in detroit if it is necessary. wayne freedman and mike shumann, live coverage from detroit. >> san francisco police are investigating a double shooting last night in the bayview district that left a teenage girl with critical injuries and man with less serious wounds. the calls came in around 9:00. police found one victim at jennings street and second victim was discovered a block away. both were taken to an by ambulance to a hospital for treatment. a new york couple with close ties to the bay area cannot fathom why their nanny would slab their two young children to death and then injury herself. they can't question her about the nightmarish attack. sergio quintana talked with heartbroken neighbors of the family who have lived in noe valley for years.
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>> the disturbing murder of two children in manhattan apartment building has sent shock waves across the country. they returned home to find two children stabbed to death in bathtub. killed by their nanny. the nanny begin stabbing herself. she was wheeled away in a stretcher. >> on the floor of the bathroom is a nanny who apparently has inflicted winds in her throat. >> they had recently moved to new york from san francisco and former neighborhood neighbors are shocked to hear of the tragedy. >> i remember that he had gotten a job. they were going to move to new york. >> this is neighborhood of lots of young families with children. many with nannies of their own because both parents work. so even though that did not know them, this is a tragedy that is scary. >> it's very alarming.
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it's one of those awful nightmares that you wish would never happen. it's one of those scary things you can't anticipate in life. >> they have only been in new york for two years. >> they were definitely nice people. >> he had worked at bloomberg and yahoo and executive at cnbc and was on flight when the attacks happened. he was met by police at the airport. following the attack they were ushered out of the apartment building with a sheet of their heads. the nanny remains in a coma. sergio quintana, "abc 7 news." >> vallejo arson investigators believe they have the man who torched davis' law office last month. a person was arrested for the fire as well as two others. alan wang has more on a possible
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motive. >> when the mayor surveyed the damage of his burned out law office last month, he told "abc 7 news" he believed the attack was politically motivated. >> i can certainly tell you the motive was not politically motivated. maybe a distain with the system and the rules. >> 44-year-old maude love use an accelerant to set fire to the who was. >> the mayor didn't know who he is? >> that is not something i want to comment on. >> he wanted to handle his mother's estate. love ended up being forced out the house his mother owned and he has always blamed the mayor. love filed a civil suit against davis in 2005 but a judgment was never recorded. >> we have been looking at him as a lead in a series of arsons
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plagued our city. >> love also set mortuary on fire on june 6th. the funeral home handled the service for his mother. he is also accused of throwing a firebomb threw the window of the taylor chapel on june 30th. family members says love thought the church was evil. >> we tried to contact the mayor but did not return our calls. meanwhile, suspect is in jail on charges of three counts of arson. this morning, san jose sharks' fans are looking at bleak future. hockey league has cancelled all games to the end of november. seven of those games were going at home. no further meetings are scheduled. >> coming up the latest on sandy now headed for the east coast. and effects on the airlines. also a new milestone for bart. a tunnel under a lake that will
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be part of your ride to the south bay. and both president obama and mitt romney say they are confident they will win the november election with different
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>> terry: major milestone for bart in the southbound expansion to san jose. project has created thousands of construction jobs, when completed it may help support 20,000 high-tech jobs. it's new tunnel that will whisk passengers under fremont's lake elizabeth. it's the centerpiece of central park and bart tunneled under it. more from david louie. >> three years of digging under the park is over and bart
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invited the public in. it's a crucial link for bart trains to reach a fremont station and san jose. >> we are half mile south of existing station. new warm springs station is five miles down the way. they were among the first take the tour. >> the depth, how far you had to go down, that amazed me. >> they are thrilled the project came in under project. it was budgeted for $249 million but the bid came in at $137 million, a savings of $112 million a result of downturn in construction work. the mayor says the tunnel came about after the city went to court plans to build elevated tracks. >> it was going to destroy the park. with a train going every six minutes, it's not noisy so we actually went to court.
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we sued and finally settled. >> the project had its challenges. >> there is actually an aquifer beneath it. so creating a dry zone for construction was a challenge. >> the park will be restored. arn as construction continues southward they have ambitious plan to create 20,000 jobs. >> we have hundreds of acres available. we have done a lot of planning. it's there for a mixed use upscale job center. >> track and station construction already is under way south of here. completion of the warm springs extension is expected completed in about three years. with ten days to go before the election. president obama and mitt romney are having to cancel events from their schedules for key battleground states directly in the path of hurricane sandy.
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>> reporter: turn the channel and i see the president on mtv and inside edition. the comedy shows, leno and first lady on kimmel. and not just tv. a campaign event with katie perry. an interview with rolling stone and us weekly. the president is going hip and young. he is ahead with nearly two-thirds of the voters but he needs them to turn out. for romney changed from four years ago. >> this requires as change. >> it's a different audience. >> the governor leads among white men, 66-32% and leads the most national polls where the president has a slight lead in
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many of the battleground states. that is up has both campaigns feeling confident they have the voters the ground game to bring home a victory. >> somebody is going to be wrong on november 7th so very different assumptions the campaigns 6 about the kinds of people who are going to turn out to vote. >> how close this election. one ohio voter wrote facebook, ann romney called in to wish him happy birthday. >> it's unclear whether sandy could bring the president off the campaign trail proving how important early voting is for both campaigns. >> terry: this morning the national weather service sandy is a hurricane again after being downgraded to tropical storm status. residents are being told to stock up with supplies for three days. super storm is expected to make
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landfall on monday night. airlines are warning about delays. five states have already declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm. it's been going back and forth from hurricane to tropical storm. noi right now we have a hurricane, is that the latest? >> yes, and it was 1991 when hurricane grace interacted and they a called it a perfect storm. this is quite an event. >> we're talking about a wind shift and offshore flow bringing warmer conditions. sunny and beautiful day. we'll be back with the full forecast coming up. >> terry: nice colors. giants trying to stay hot and
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welcome back. a gorgeous shot. a little bit of the east bay, bay bridge, san francisco, you can see that it's clear out there. we have a gorgeous fall day on the way. 60s near the coast. you can get to 80 in if you want to go to livermore. more from lisa argen. >> we have new giant fan pictures, take a look at the
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first one. is that cool? that is cuteness, five-month-old in giants' gear, that is a little cody, named for cody ross. send us your fan photos too to ureport. share them on facebook page. or on twitter. >> abc7 can help you share giants pride on facebook. like us because we are likable and click the giants' logo and this comes up. you can choose to share any of nine different ones to show your support on your facebook wall. >> the beard. >> i like the beard. it's kind of retro thing from two years ago.
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and the orange and black. i like that. you can't go wrong. go to facebook and you'll be there for hours trying to decide. what is going on. >> lisa: it's going to be beautiful today and tomorrow. very little change. the winds have already switched. so the higher elevations of east bay are looking at some 20 mile-an-hour winds out of the north-northeast. kind of mild crow matic sky. not a lot of color. just a few clouds. sun sets at 6:16 so enjoy the mild weather. above average today. live doppler 7 taking i to the eastern seaboard where all eyes are on hurricane sandy which is lashing north carolina anywhere from three to six inches of rain in north carolina today with winds over 25, up to 35 miles an hour. maybe gusts up to 50.
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it's about 300 miles southeast of charleston. then we've got a nor'easter that will be forming along the northeast. those two systems are going to collide. i it will be a huge storm. very heavy rain and prolonged rain and gusty winds and snow on the backside of it which could bring anywhere to a foot of snow to the mountains of west virginia. this is going to impact over 60 million people with power outages along the eastern seaboard for washington and delaware and western new york. definitely take care and watch the forecast in the next couple of days. no clouds to be found. temperatures in the 50s. nice started to the day, 50 in redwood city. 56 in san francisco. cool numbers from san jose to napa at 48 right now. down by the monterey bay, you are clear with 50.
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gilroy at 46. overall compared to yesterday as the warmer start. 6-7 degrees warmer in the north bay. couple degrees warmer in san francisco. seven degrees in concord. popping out around 80 degrees. rain arrives for everyone it looks like wednesday night. high pressure is going to stay into the eastern pacific. go from northern california to southern california today and tomorrow. it has allowed for the winds to shift. a light northerly wind warming up the bay area, southern california bringing plenty of sunshine. in fact temperatures all around the bay will be warmer than average. how about that 90 in los angeles. some freezing fog in the northern sierra with temperatures in the upper 20s. 61, but mainly 70s and 80s today. 66 half moon bay. nice and mild there with 76 in palo alto. san jose, low 80s inland east
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bay. 69 in monterey. we have quite an about-face with our weather. detroit low to mid 40s for the game this evening. nice day tomorrow. sea breeze cooling us off on monday. more cooling on tuesday and rain moving in by midday. then maybe an inch of rain in the north bay. quarter to half an inch and linger into first day of november on thursday. so if you like the rain that is coming, or above normal temperatures we got that, too. >> word of advice based on personal experience, clean the rain gutters out. >> lisa: did you do that. >> terry: i did it. >> in sports this nephew afternoon san jose is at home texas state. cal is playing utah this evening but the big story giants are going to take a stranglehold.
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here is larry beil with preview of tonight's game. >> good morning, the giants flew out of san francisco and bound for game three of the world series. giants take with them 2-0 series lead. designated hitter and it's going to be cold. temperatures in the 40s. weather doesn't scare the manager at all. >> we have heaters had in the dugout for both teams. ours is going to be warmer than theirs. we won't tell them that. you know what, it's cold. this is the world series. it's cold for everybody, it's cold for the fans. it's great. enjoy it. >> the world series you can't be worried about how cold it is. i threw a game in chicago where it was 34 degrees and raining.
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i threw the ball pretty well that night. i don't suspect that cold weather will be much of an issue. >> 49ers are back in action in arizona. >> cardinals they are similar to the 49ers. both have rugged defenses and offense muddle along. arizona has no pass protection. alden smith will be bringing it. they have a game plan to stop him. >> i think teams are a little bit more prepared than they were last year. quarterbacks are getting the ball faster. and we're creating pressure. we are doing our job. >> as the saying goes, you can throw out the records when the raiders and chiefs get together. they would like to throw them out. oakland is 2-4 and kc is 3-5.
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he knows his offensive line will be challenged at noisy stadium. >> we're all proud men out here. we all want to do our job to the best of our ability. we don't play as well when we want to, we look forward to the opportunity to get back out there and proving ourselves again. the group is looking forward to the opportunity to get out there. >> warriors tip off a new season. halloween night in phoenix. charles jenkins talked about the warriors expectations this year. he got a lot of playing time because of injuries. it has added a lot of talent. he has the sense of this team will be better in 2012. >> you can tell from our practice and competing. competition level has increased tremendously. we have basically beaten each position that can play and you can only get better.
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it's very intense. it's only right. >> college football, notre dame and objections which should be a good one. we'll follow that with "lexus after the game" right around 8:30 p.m. i'm larry beil. coming up next, we're following the monday trail to see who is throwing big bucks behind the state propositions. does it influence your vote? >> prop 33 would change auto insurance in california. what it all means to you.
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>> terry: there are dozen initiatives on the ballot and millions have dollars is being
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spent to influence your boet vote. here is nannette miranda with details. >> reporter: six of the 11 statewide ballot measures californians will be deciding have very wealthy people bank rolling one side. new reports compiled found among the biggest donors, molly who contributed $44 million to her own proposition 38, to fund public schools through an income tax increase. her brother had given $36 million to defeat her sister's rival, proposition 30. governor brown's tax measure. he hopes it will win approval for prop 32. venture capitalist has spent $29 million of his own money for green energy project spelled out in his proposition 39. mercury insurance founder george joseph has pumped $16 million into prop 33 which changes how
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car insurance rates are calculated. u.s. supreme court says it's okay to give unlimited amounts of money to ballot measures. >> i think it's telling voters that the initiative process isn't for everyone. when you see wealthy people putting in giants sums of money, it's unprecedented. >> we work for charles muncer. >> common cause took a lot of money from charles munger because it couldn't get government reform through the legislature. the group says someone has to pay for all those ads. >> to qualify a ballot measure takes time and energy and money. to gather the signatures needed and required by the constitution. >> money doesn't always win. voter foundational says they only approve of third nistsd because it's harder to convince people to vote yes. >> you can buy your way on the ballot but you can't buy the voters' vote. >> the humane society got prop 2
8:32 am
passed in 2008 largely on grassroots effort. now hens have to have more room in their cages. if you want to see all the propositions, go to our website at and click on see it on tv. >> terry: focusing on one of those issues, should the rules be changed for insurance companies for auto insurance. the measure is very complex. here is michael finney with what your vote will mean. >> reporter: this is herb, he wrote the prop 33. >> that is the found ear and chairman of mercury insurance. george joseph. >> i don't know anything about george joseph. i don't care about him. anybody who an enemy of consumers is an enemy of two. >> they have been adversaries of
8:33 am
decades and the fight is joined again. this time over proposition 33 where joseph is the major financial backer. >> prop 33 provides if you've earned a discount. a new company that you would come to could also consider that and offer you discount for longevity. >> those opposed don't focus on the discount for those drivers. they see a surcharge on those who haven't been insured. >> it's like a preexisting condition in your health insurance policy. it has nothing to do with people's driving record. you be a great driver but chose not to drive for a while and you get hit with a surcharge. >> it does offer prosthetics for anyone that has an insurance lapse of 30 days or less. those unemployed and military personnel but not their spouses.
8:34 am
>> why should i believe an insurance executive wants to save me money? >> i'm not saying you should believe that. what i'm saying to you, the only thing i'm able to offer you is freedom to move. if it turns out i can save you money, you can decide whether to move. >> he remained unmoved why change what has worked. >> you go to the grocery store, they don't ask you at the checkout, is this the first time buying milk. yeah. i'm sorry i have to surcharge you. you never bought milk before. >> reporter: some will tell you prop 33 you can take your discounted with you. that is not true. it's decided by each individual company. >> terry: water service should be restored to san francisco's treasure island soon.
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water customers should boil tap water until they are finished monday morning. failure to do so could leave you suffering from an illness. it ruptured last night. george mitchell has formally withdrawn over the san bruno pipeline explosion. mitchell one the no bell prize and was chosen to do negotiations with pg&e but consumer advocates who are both involved with talks raised objections after learning pg&e had received advance notice of the mitchell's selection. his law firm has represented insurance companies involved in this case. talks will resume monday but not be a mediator. >> new this morning, san jose's new fire recruits begin training on monday.
8:36 am
it will be the largest number of recruits the city has ever trained at one time. previous record was 30 set three years ago after undergoing staffing cuts to. it was made possible by $8.5 million granted. last year 49 laidoff firefighters were re-hired using a $15 million grant. it will bring them back to 683 firefighters just shy of what they had four years ago. >> in lafayette, 120-grace period for massage parlors ends on monday. they will enforce compliance to fight businesses that is a front to prostitution. all practitioners be certified with the massage therapy council. sole practitioners must register every year with police.
8:37 am
people that are not certified will undergo ex sensitive background checks. >> people in chinatown will become familiar with health care housing and a whole variety of legal resources. it's the eighth annual chinatown resource fair hosted by the san francisco district attorney's office. all those important legal services and more will be explained from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 and it is flee. a variety of public and safety organizations take part to make the city safer for everybody. event takes place at clubhouse locate at washington and kearny streets right there in chinatown. coming up next, an event at general hospital that some more than just a cooking class. how you can make hell any living a priority for your family. live look, just gorgeous look from the east bay heading back toward san francisco. you see emeryville. gorgeous day.
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upper 60s to 80 degrees. sunshine, a lot like that all day.
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they have cancelled all the nhl games through november. 12 games on the sharks schedule were cancelled. seven were supposed to be played there. they are arguing but people that want to see hockey don't have any place to go. we move to the roof cam. looking at the bank of america building and transamerica pyramid. things change and lisa is saying if you have the contract to watch 3,678 windows on the
8:41 am
transamerica pyramid. this is not the day to do it. we have rain on the way. it's going to mess everything up. hold up on the window washing until you hear from lisa argen. >> the cost of pea mutt n out butter is expected to drop. peanut prices soared after a drought hit the southeast. an early spring and mild temperatures this year promise a bumper crop. already farmers are expected to bring in 67% more peanuts last year. a price of jar of peanut butter could drop 10%. a local chef is part of general hospital's teovlt prevent chronic diseases. it looked like a cooking show. jonathan bloom has the story. >> after that, chopped celery. >> she has been featured in
8:42 am
movies and magazines. the chef is cooking before a live audience at a hospital. the toughest question which wine to pair with dinner. crowd is looking for answers to a different dilemma. >> how do you eat healthy when you have a little bit of money. >> that is why san francisco general hospital brought in a celebrity chef and pulled away the ribbon on newly donated demonstration facility. because every thursday afternoon the hospital will open its doors to the community and turn its attention from treating diseases to preventing them. >> diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, the list goes on and on. these are diseases in large part can be prevented with a healthy diet. >> it's actually like that. >> they put on emphasis to avoid
8:43 am
processed food. >> organics and chicken that is healthy and a lot better for you something you are going to buy in the frozen food department. >> some of the produce for the cooking demonstrations are about as fashion local as you can get. grown in this garden on the third floor roof of the hospital. >> the vegetables are given out to chronic disease management patients. they will come packaged with inspiration from some of the most notable chefs. >> they can buy food that is affordable to their families and healthy alternatives that are making americans obese. >> terry: lisa argen joined me. over on the computer and looking at the latest weather. you said, no you are looking at the new phone. [ laughter ] >> lisa: you are setting me up. i'm not going to take it.
8:44 am
a lot of information to be delivered today whether your phone. we have lots of sunshine, from mount tam and partly cloudy. but in the 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s and few 80s out there. >> terry: some fantastic shots around the bay. also ahead, much talked about cloud atlas in theaters this weekend. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has all the spectacular and also got co
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>> terry: 8:47 and you can see one spectacular bay area morning. you look at the water and see the reflection on the bottom of the screen on the buildings in emeryville.
8:47 am
by the bay bridge, gorgeous day. upper 60s along the coast. good beach weather. two more chipmunks in the south bay tahoe area have tested positive for the plague after two others were found suffering from the bacterial disease earlier this month. warning signs have been posted. people are being asked to report any sick or dead animals there. things you should know about it. it's naturally present in that region and it can spread to humans but it rarely happens. if it does happen. it's diagnosed early enough. plague can be treated with antibiotics. there is plenty to do on halloween. we have comprehensive list of events happening all over the bay area at there are kid friendly events
8:48 am
and love to see halloween photos. e-mail those to ureport@kgo >> i talked earlier about the halloween outfitted? >> devo. >> you are going to go devo. >> lady gaga. >> you just answer the door. >> yes. >> we are starting out with a few clouds around but nice afternoon but pleasant start in lake tahoe despite some of that freezing fog that residents in truckee had to contend with. highway 268 and 89 -- 267, we had that and plenty of sunshine. that is thing of the past. roof camera, beautiful picture out there. look at that, no wind. in fact the winds will be lighted today. northerly winds already kicking up the higher elevations of the
8:49 am
east bay. we want to take you to live doppler 7 hd. we'll show you what is happening along the eastern seaboard. hurricane sandy which is about 300 miles to the southeast of charleston lashing parts of the carolinas. it will bring 3-6 inches of wayne, wind gusts around 35 miles an hour and gusts up to 50 miles an hour. then here is the cold front that is going to develop into a nor'easter. we are looking at a huge wind field. lots of rain. an event that is expected to last over 12 hours. not out of question to see some rainfall amounts over 5 inches. we have downed trees, power outages pretty likely from new york to washington. back side of that looking at a foot of snow for the mountains of west virginia. it is a huge storm impacting
8:50 am
over 60 million residents. we are looking at a big contrast in our weather. mounted st. helena, a sweep on top of the mountain there is picking up nothing in the way of clouds, fog or rain. that will change in the next 72 hours or so. 55 in oakland right now. temperatures are cool out towards gilroy. 49 in santa rosa. we are looking at mild start. this is why. temperatures overnight without the following and that breeze are coming up around 4-7 degrees warmer than yesterday at this hour. up to 40-degree mark. mild to warm today. tomorrow very little change. rain coming in on halloween and even tuesday night. up in the north bay. here is why we are staying so mild. this high pressure building into the eastern pacific keeping the storm track well to the north. it's going to stay that way for the next several days. it moves inland on monday it
8:51 am
will be pleasant but the onshore flow returns. warm weather in los angeles, 90 there. mid-70s and maybe in the on aol los gatos. 76 in palo alto. 63 in pacifica. 66 half moon bay. downtown, couple degrees above average. should see 68. 70 today. 76. 74 in hayward and 77 today out towards castro valley. low 80s for pittsburg. 80 in livermore and down by the monterey bay, 77 in santa cruz for the half n of high. look ahead, nice afternoon today and tomorrow. we've morgan hill has a marathon and healdsburg has a spectacular and harvest festival. >> you got to love the names. that is number one. thanks very much. in theaters this weekend is cloud atlas.
8:52 am
same directors that brought us the matrix. don sanchez says it features actors in multiple roles and often be confusing. here his review on the aisle. >> we have found others. >> had some big. six stories of 19th century to 22nd century. sometimes bad and sometimes evil. here is tom hanks and here is tom hanks. halle berry would up the ante. how you are connected. it can be even overpowering. >> phenomenon that determines the course of our lives.
8:53 am
it is confusing at times. stories change so abruptly it could take an hour to get the rhythm of film that is nearly three hour's long. there are tender moments. if you lose sight of intended direction, there is always the factor of visual effects. this may not be the best film of the year but most ambitious. never quite like this. when it works, it is brilliant and when it doesn't, it is confounding like all those new age parables, again. it's amazing and award worthy. you must pay close attention, when you leave the theater the message may still be unclear, but i think that is what the producers had in mind. i will give it three-quarters of a bucket. >> coming up next it's not often the bay area celebrates
8:54 am
something that richard next on did. on the golden gate national recreation area that is exactly what is
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> terry: do you feel lucky today. here are the winning numbers from last night's drawing. nobody got them all. nobody got all six. tuesday's jackpot is about $27 million. one of bay area's most magnificent and scenic places celebrates today. on this day back in 1972 richard nixon signed the bill that created the golden gate national recreation area, mix of public and private lands covering three counties. celebration is planned this morning at marine headlands to honor the visionaries that created the.
8:57 am
they were going to develop that area across the golden gate bridge. some of the founders on handed to. exhibits will open up and ceremony is at 11:15. >> mid-60s and 70s downtown. warmer than average. 78 in fremont. 76 in san jose. 80 on the warm side for inland east bay. once again tomorrow, cooler and really a. thanks for joining us. we continue at 4:00 p.m. today before college football. we want to remind you about exclusive alarm clock app for the iphone. download it for free and wake up to the latest headlines, weather and traffic. you have been looking at gorgeous shots all morning.ñtúñs
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my

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